IAPL is a truly international alliance of lawyers with members from all corners of the world. With the increase in international trade and travel, the business world requires the trusted expertise of lawyers from the international community.

IAPL was formed to meet these demands more than 35 years ago and has grown into a team of lawyers from around the globe able to service the requirements of modern international business. The quality of service and sound down to earth commercial advice that IAPL members provide has been a major factor in its continuing success and growth.

Between 2010 and 2012, our Senior Partner, Mr. Moses Cheng, served as the President of IAPL; focusing on its extension and development in the Pan-pacific market.

Mr. Lester Huang, co-chairman of our Firm, is currently serving on the board of IAPL as its President, continuing with the efforts of enhancing the connectivity between the Asia Pacific markets with the rest of the world.

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