P. C. Woo & Co. is the founder member of the Perfectus Alliance, a professional alliance of law firms in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Perfectus Alliance provides a broad network of professional law firms that work together through referral and collaboration to better serve our clients.

Province/City Name of Law Firm
Jiangsu / Nanjing Topchoice Law Firm
Sichuan / Chengdu Sichuan Tian Run Hua Bang Law Firm
Tianjin Winners Law Firm
Shan Dong / Jinan Zhong Cheng Lawyer Group (Jinan) Firm
Sichuan / Chengdu Yang Ji Hua Law Firm
Guangdong / Zhong Shan Zhong Yuan Law Office
Guangdong / Zhu Hai Guangdong Asian-Pacific Time Law Firm
Yunnan Yunnan Chungtai Law Firm
Macau Fong Kin Ip, Leong Chak Po, Jose Liu Law Firm
Shanghai Simon Shang & Partner

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