China Practice

P.C. Woo & Co.'s China practice was established in the late 80's in response to clients' demand for supporting services on the Mainland. We served as a much-needed link between our clients and the local authorities. We also provided the due diligence check on targets for acquisition or investment and local regulatory compliance for foreign investors.

In June 2002, we opened our Chengdu Representative Office, being the first legal firm in Hong Kong to establish a vital link between the Western region of China and Hong Kong. In 2005, we opened our Nanjing Representative Office. With the establishment of these two representative offices, we can provide consultancy services on Hong Kong laws and out-of-China joint ventures, mergers and acquisition for clients in the south western and eastern regions of China. We can also meet the diverse needs of clients and ensure that timely and efficient and effective legal services are provided to them.

The major areas of work of our China Practice include:

  • Formation of joint ventures and representative offices in the PRC for Hong Kong and overseas companies
  • Initial public offerings of PRC companies in the Hong Kong and other capital markets
  • Cross-border corporate finance projects, due diligence investigation and negotiation
  • Advising on takeover bids, merger & acquisition deals and restructuring of companies
  • Assisting in real estate transactions in the PRC
  • Consultancy for asset management
  • Arbitration proceedings involving the PRC, Hong Kong and foreign parties
  • Advising on contractual disputes with PRC elements
  • Verification and attestation of legal documents for use in the PRC

China Appointed Attesting Officers

Evidence of occurrence of events and documents in Hong Kong have to be certified or attested by a China-appointed attesting officer before they can be used on the Mainland of China. One of our consultants and four of our partners, respectively namely: Dr. Moses M C Cheng, Ms. Emily Y M Lam, Mr. Lester G Huang and Mr. Henry H W Lai and Ms. Daphne FY Lo are China-appointed attesting officers. Clients requiring such services would have the convenience of obtaining the same from any one of them.

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