Pro bono Work

P. C. Woo & Co. undertakes pro bono work for a simple but compelling reason: to serve the community through our profession and make the legal system more fair and accessible, especially to the poor and disadvantaged and to the nonprofit organizations that serve them.

Our basic approach to pro bono work is to permit each lawyer to select his/her own pro bono matters, as long as they do not conflict with or contravene the interests of other clients. In appropriate instances, we have, as a firm, marshalled teams of lawyers to pursue larger matters which could have a great impact on shortcomings in the prevailing system.

Our Firm works with many churches and church organizations, nonprofit organizations and public corporations as well as serving deserving and needy individuals. We also serve as the Honorary Legal Advisers for over 50 charities and not for profit organizations.

P. C. Woo & Co.'s pro bono work includes:

  • Setting up tax-exempted corporations or trusts for charitable organizations
  • Advising NGOs and public bodies in their compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Attending court in prosecuting or defending claims for deserving individuals and bodies
  • Helping the disabled and the homeless
  • Protecting the legal rights of the elderly

The significance of these efforts has been noticed. The firm has been honored with awards and wide recognition for its pro bono work. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has accredited the Firm as one of the Caring Companies of Hong Kong.

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